Google Photos

Automatic backup and unlimited storage for all your photos

Have an access to your pictures from wherever you are, get in touch with people over a topic, share your captures with others, put in your interest and get a feed filled with amazing photos and ideas, based on the connections you created! All that in a simple app called Google+ Photos!

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Nothing is for free...
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@mosrrrr exactly my thoughts. Google wants to index all your photos - world wide. I expect some new privacy policy changes to come down the pipeline soon.
Convenience in exchange for privacy, eh? Well, I'm pretty sure Google's got evidence of all my naughty deads by now anyways. @mkhoury @mosrrrr
Glad they pulled this out of g+
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I feel lost. Google+, Picasa, Google drive/docs, and now Google photos. I don't know where my photos uploaded by Picasa are, and I don't know where the photos in Google photos are from...
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Google Photos will be launching later today (more details here). Until then, here are some dancing babies.
@rrhoover I can only imagine what it's like to share an office with you! Giffy fridays anyone?
Does Google Photos auto detect for duplicates and upload them?