Google Home

Google's Alexa competitor, an in-home voice assistant

Google Home is your home assistant, controlled by your voice. You can ask whatever is on your mind from playing some music, or just a curious question to some hands-free shopping. It will be glad to assist you and your needs. It comes in three different sizes and four colors to match your interior and pairs with your smart home.

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Who will be the first to get Alexa and Google home to have a conversation?
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@bentossell Viral video countdown stars now...
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@bentossell good one Ben. And when that happens, what will they learn from each other. Fascinating thought.
Rumors are true. I'm currently watching the livestream, details unfolding now.
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@rrhoover Powered by Google Assistant?
Cheaper than I expected
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@rrhoover Cheers Ryan!
Launch partners:
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@rrhoover Interesting. 4 out of these partners are from India.. :)
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it's thinking
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@nivo0o0 #lol google home is doing some deep machine learning algorithm to turn on the light, loving the colors
@nivo0o0 Audience testing showed that HAL9000 would have looked much friendlier if he'd gone for a spectrum of four dots.
I wish it was also a lava lamp.
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Nice URL guessing work @jackdweck, very impressive 👌