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New web app for Google Hangouts cross-device messaging app

#2 Product of the DayAugust 18, 2015
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Really liked the look of it at first, but really disappointed they have not taken the chat window forward - its still the small box on the side of the screen. Would like to see a better interface for it.
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@jakelprice Agreed. The tiny box is very limiting - particularly when trying to use Hangouts as an office tool. Ever try pasting a code snippet? The worst. That's compounded by the lack of robust text formatting options.
Did anyone else notice that there are essentially 2 menu buttons on the left? The "menu" button and the "more" button do exactly the same thing.
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Love it. Use Hangouts every day and never use sms, facebook messenger or the always-broken whatsapp anymore. The new UI is very nice but would still love to see a native windows/linux app for this (using the chrome app for now)
I am just worried that like with so many other projects Google will abandon development of Google hangouts. They will realize that it is not going to compete with Skype or all the other messaging apps. They will look at the revenue it could make and they will say, "It can't compete with Adwords, so why bother?" This is why I avoid Google Hangouts like the plague. I only use it when video chatting with 1 person who is really into it. So it will not get an upvote from me.
@sjsolares agree. but it makes so much sense in their "online office" toolchain it's really hard to imagine google going forward w/o it
@sjsolares it's unlikely Google will abandon Hangouts consider how much they rely on them internally.
@sjsolares I think the video and sound quality of Hangouts is better than Skype and many other video conferencing tools. Uses less bandwidth, too. I use it to teach my class remotely.
Looks awesome. Happy they finally make it a true standalone product
@andreasklinger yeah, I guess it's easier to access now... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯