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#3 Product of the DayNovember 29, 2017

Google search can now filter results with a new "finance" tab which works in the same way that its "images" or "news" tab does.

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  • Adam Behn
    Adam BehnIT Manager

    I don't see any pros


    No portfolio tracking anymore

    removed a great feature... lame.

    Adam Behn has used this product for one year.
  • Magneto
    MagnetoLawyer Dude from Delhi , India

    No Pros in the new Goolge Finance


    All the cool features have been removed . Now a subpage in the google search results.

    No related companies data

    No fundamental data column selection

    No stock screener.

    more if i had the time to

    Magneto has used this product for one year.


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Sebastian Orozco
Sebastian Orozco@sebastian_sco · 19 // VC @ ACE Venture Capital
Yahoo Finance is still bae tho
Matteo Gamba
Matteo GambaHunterHiring@sliver86 · Product & UX @Wayfair, ex @Transferwise
Funny enough, they don't seem to be riding the Bitcoin/crypto news wave...
YourBrownFriend :)
YourBrownFriend :)@elpocho · StudioLure
I just Tweeted a few minutes ago about how the old Google Finance page was stale, the new one isn't working for me. So much wasted space and now if you have more than a couple dozen stocks you have to scroll. Less info is visible at once than on the old site. And where is the ability to sort now? I guess I need to find something else.
Mikael Jagelid
Mikael Jagelid@mikael_jagelid
Amazing, Google Finance has ben around for ages but still no coverage of foreign markets. Yahoo still rules this segment.
Tarikh Korula
Tarikh Korula@tarikh · Co-founder @KatchHQ
Is it possible to downvote on PH? I used their portfolio tracker every day, all they had to do was add cryptocurrency to get a wave of new users. Instead they faceplanted. And while I'm at it I miss the movie listings by location they got rid of 6 months ago too. Whaa!