Google Finance

A new expanded finance experience inside search ๐Ÿ”Ž๐Ÿ’น

Google search can now filter results with a new "finance" tab which works in the same way that its "images" or "news" tab does.

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Yahoo Finance is still bae tho
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Funny enough, they don't seem to be riding the Bitcoin/crypto news wave...
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I just Tweeted a few minutes ago about how the old Google Finance page was stale, the new one isn't working for me. So much wasted space and now if you have more than a couple dozen stocks you have to scroll. Less info is visible at once than on the old site. And where is the ability to sort now? I guess I need to find something else.
Amazing, Google Finance has ben around for ages but still no coverage of foreign markets. Yahoo still rules this segment.
Is it possible to downvote on PH? I used their portfolio tracker every day, all they had to do was add cryptocurrency to get a wave of new users. Instead they faceplanted. And while I'm at it I miss the movie listings by location they got rid of 6 months ago too. Whaa!