Prescription drug price comparison engine

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This seems like a no brainer product, I'd be surprised if something like this didn't exist earlier. cc'ing @ATKingyens who's hot on the healthcare space right now.
@rrhoover We think we were the first to do it actually. A lot of existing discount card providers generally say they offer "up to 75%" savings, and upon research you end up finding out that deal applies to very few medications, most having savings of no real impact to the cost. Bringing transparency to not only how medications are priced, but also to what you should expect to spend at the pharmacy, was one of our most important goals for the product.
This is a great data source a friend of mine is using for his health app (they have an API) Affordability and price-transparency are critical factors for changing healthcare in the US.
Thanks for bringing me in @rrhoover. Do the prices consider what type of insurance you have?
@ATKingyens — Does not look like @GoodRx ties in with insurance to provide individualized prices. However, I do see a robust API.
@ATKingyens - @muldster is correct - we do not show insurance prices for comparison right now. We did begin showing Medicare prices again two weeks ago after a short hiatus while we figured out some data issues though. The enormous world for insurance formularies is a difficult one to navigate still - but we're hoping the trending desire for transparency has a strong impact in that.
@billy_mcclure Cool! Are you or anyone on your team interested in getting on a call to teach me more? would also love to share our thoughts on healthcare :) angela at versiononeventures dot com.
@ATKingyens No problem! Our Co-Founder is going to reach out in a bit.
This is a great site. I used it about a week ago and actually found that the price with the GoodRX coupon was cheaper than had I used my insurance. Failure to the healthcare industry, but the more people whose hands this is in the better. @ATKingyens -- It doesn't consider what insurance you have, but I called my pharmacy to check the price w/ insurance and compare it which worked out great. Perhaps something they can add down the line, if that info is available.
Thanks, @muldster and @dhulser. @rrhoover: I can't wait until we can upvote comments (assuming that this is a feature coming soon, and if it's not on the roadmap then this is my request: pretty please with a cherry on top!) :)
@ATKingyens YES, it's on the to-do list. You're also the second person to ask for that on Product Hunt within the last 12 hours. :) cc @ZackShapiro
@rrhoover @antkingyens It's in the queue. Stay tuned!