A beautiful mass email system for Gmail

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Thanks Kiki for hunting GMass. I built GMass to be a dead-simple mass email system for Gmail. I started researching and building GMass out of my own frustration one day while needing to email five different candidates about an open position at my company. There was no easy way to do that, without exposing them to each other or BCC’ing them. GMass lets you send mass emails to your existing Gmail contacts, without having to import anything. It also tracks and reports email opens. You can build an instant recipient list based on search results. And the real killer feature is the ability to have your emails go out as replies to the last conversation you had with each recipient, instead of a new message.
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@parttimesnob thank you so much for developing it!
@simooncave My pleasure. Developing GMass was a labor of love, and came laden with many a developer challenge.
@parttimesnob Great stuff! Question, so the recipients of the mass email has to be already contacts of mine?
@parttimesnob Big wow, very useful, perfect execution! Thank you very much!
@cliffdailey Not necessarily. You can use GMass to send to any email address you put in the To field. You can copy/paste email addresses from anywhere and put them into the To line. However, if you do this, and you don't already have a First/Last Name associated with the email address, you won't be able to use personalization. Soon though, I'll support pulling data from spreadsheets and being able to use all the spreadsheet columns for personalization.
GMass, a Chrome extension for GMail, divvys up mass emails and even sends as a reply to the last conversation you had with that person. The install is unobtrusive, adding only two buttons, and allows you to customize the subject field with first and/or last name.
Spammers wet dream! :D Great product though @parttimesnob ! Love the simplicity and ease of use! Way better and easier than mail merge spreadsheet scripts :)
@kristapslazda Thanks! That's exactly what I was going for, minus the spammer use! We will soon have the capability to ALSO connect to a spreadsheet to pull recipient data, but it won't be via a Google Script. It will have a clean interface and be part of the browser extension.
@parttimesnob Would be nice to be able to somehow turn off tracking emails retro-actively. I never realised how many people loved my emails! Great news but tough on the inbox! ha
In case anyone is still reading this thread, we just launched our Scheduling feature last night.
I think the "reply mass email" function is a marketing game changer. If it is a reply to the prior conversation/email then the open rate will increase dramatically. I have been using the product for almost a week and have already closed sales with the replies from the emails I have sent. The "build a list with search" function allows me to segment my list and message.
@theisopros Thanks for the compliment! Yes, the two distinctive features are: 1) the ability to build a list from search results and 2) the ability to have your email campaign go out as a reply rather than a new thread.