A fully-featured email app in Slack 📨

Connect your Gmail and GSuite accounts to your workspace and collaborate on emails with your team: read, reply, forward, archive, delete, everything can be done in Slack and everything's kept in sync with Gmail.

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Hi everyone, thanks Nico, It’s been a while since our last campaign and we’re very happy to be back on Product Hunt with the best Slack integration we’ve ever built. Since 2015, the MailClark team has been bridging the gap between Slack & Email, hence bringing together internal & external communications. Today, we’re officially launching the most comprehensive Gmail app in Slack. 🔄 Sync everything You can now do in Slack everything you do in Gmail: read, reply, forward, archive, delete, … MailClark turns a Slack channel into a fully-featured mailbox. And he keeps everything in sync for you—including your signatures. 👥🔒 For team and individual inboxes You’ll love MailClark for personal inboxes in private channels, you’ll love it even more for shared inboxes in public channels. Collaborating on emails in Slack is a wonderful way to manage your support@, sales@ or operations@ public-facing addresses. ✂️ Tailor-made workflows Gmail pros should definitely check MailClark options out as we’ve leveraged the power of Gmail filters to let you fine tune your email to Slack workflows. Filter emails based on keywords or importance, manually send emails to Slack by starring them, route notifications to different channels, you decide! 📯 Give MailClark a try If you tried MailClark in the past, give him another chance—we’ve completely redesigned our bot: new onboarding, new settings, new pricing and more. Please share your feedback here, we’ll be happy to chat!
Can I reply in-line to messages so that they get sent as email in Gmail as a response?
@orliesaurus Do you mean, can you reply to emails from Slack and the reply will also appear in Gmail’s Sent emails? Sure you can. (If this isn’t what you meant 😅 let me know!)
Slack has really become the central place conversation and collaboration. After their twitter and Facebook integration I am super excited by the latest integration released by Mailclark team! They really nailed down the functionalities to make it seamles for you to use, give it a try!
Great job!! 😊 Would love an app like this for all other webmails to Slack
@ayush_chandra Thanks! You can already connect any email account using IMAP (though not all synchronization features are available). But we're working hard on connecting Microsoft accounts the same way as Gmail!
MailClark is one of the slickest Slack integrations I've seen. I love what you guys are doing!
@matttucker Thanks for your support Matt, we really appreciate it 😊