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#4 Product of the DayJune 27, 2019
A unified marketing, sales, and support platform with live chat, help desk, email marketing automation, and more.
A single source of truth for the entire journey from website visitor to happy customer."
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Hello Product Hunt! 👋 Thanks to @kevin for the hunt 🙏 We are excited to show the Product Hunt community what we have been working on the last couple of years. We are a team of 20+ now who believe that you need one tool for all your interactions with your contacts and you shouldn't have to pay an arm and a leg to do it. Gist combines live chat, email marketing, marketing automation, a help desk, knowledge base, event tracking, and more into one unified platform. I look forward to hearing your feedback!

I have been a beta tester from all versions. The supportive attitude from Jitta and the team encouraging me to continue implementing Gist as part of my Marketing Flow. Knowledge base and tracking are powerful features that can provide a Customer Journey with a lot of benefits for your visitors and your company. Keep doing an amazing Job Jitta and Gist Team.


After 2 years of Development Gist has become stable, feature rich with an amazing customer support.


Bot Builder flow can be improved, I would love similar builder as the new workflow for the automations.

@frankopazo Thanks for sharing your feedback, Francisco! That's awesome to hear.

Gist is an incredibly ambitious project, and has an amazing bundle of features. The platform keeps improving, and the support from the whole team, including the founder has been excellent. I'm really looking forward to their continued growth.


Incredibly feature rich offering. Includes live chat, email marketing, help desk etc.


Taking on such a massive undertaking means that there are a lot of things for their team to manage and continue to develop.

Thank you for your thoughtful review, @peterchaly! We're glad you're here with us.
Gist is a unified marketing, sales, and support platform for businesses looking for a single source of truth for the entire buyer journey (from website visitor to a happy customer). Excited to see all-in-one tools like this. This is a massive undertaking. Given the price point - it’s hard to beat.
@kevin Thanks for hunting us, Kevin :)

I think it is a great product. I have been using it from more than a year now. They did face few challenges initially (who doesn't?) but now product is super stable and performing as good as intercom or similar alternative :) . Right now we use intercom on our main site and gist on other sites but soon I am pretty sure we will move everything to Gist. All the best guys.


Single tool to manage your chat/s, emails, KB/s and contacts.


None. It does the job that it supposed to do.