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Hi Hunters! Today we're announcing Ghost for Journalism, which is a service and a product and a service to build products! In short: We're dedicating our engineering team this year to helping build 3 new independent publications, as well as customising the features of Ghost itself to suit their use-cases. We're super excited about it :) Ghost as a product is 3.5 years old now, and has matured tremendously since its early prototypal Kickstarter launch. This is our way of taking the next step, and looking for even bigger challenges. I wrote a bit more about the progression and the direction over in the announcement blog post: Of course, happy to answer any questions -- and always super curious to meet any journalists or independent publishers who are looking for better technology to help them.
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@johnonolan love this John, congrats on the launch!
@jonnym1ller Thanks so much! We need to hang out again soon :)
@johnonolan absolutely. I'd love to rope you in to share your story with the @EsctheCity Startup Tribe. Hit me up when you're back from vagabonding in Thailand ;)
@johnonolan love the idea, really exciting!
@johnonolan congratulation John, Hanah and team🍾.You make the web a better place 🌅.
As a backer of the Kickstarter project way back when, it's just so awesome to see this project moving forward. Well done John and team!
@tyvdh Really appreciate the kind words and all of the support, Tyler ❤️ Couldn't have gotten to this point without all the Kickstarter backers who believed in the idea from day 1
@johnonolan Congrats on the launch and important milestone! Looking forward to how you work out the payments. A platform for supporting journalists reporting in regions that do not offer modern payment gateways due to complex finance systems / non-transparent governments would be a big boon. Something like Stripe Atlas catered specifically for Journalists comes to mind.
@muloka We've got so many ideas around this, but we're mainly really looking forward to working with a few great publishers and building for IRL use-cases. Payments is so key to the future of news.
Congrats on this launch John, amazing initiative!
@mdekuijper Thanks so much! I honestly feel like we've been spending the last few years just building up to this point. Can't wait for what's next :)
Oh, this is exciting! Building a program to build the next batch of sustainable publications sounds like a tough goal but a much needed one. The ghost team are the ones to do it too!
@levibostian We are so ready for the challenge ✊🏼