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Hey producthunters! A very MVP launch of our first desktop admin client today :) lots of iterations on the way. Would love to hear your thoughts or answer any questions.
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@johnonolan Congrats John. Looking forward to trying it out.
@johnonolan Nice, I was planning on writing an article on my Ghost blog tomorrow. I'll try the desktop client.
Congrats, @johnonolan. Increasingly apps are moving to the ☁️, so why build a desktop app? I have a guess but curious to hear the backstory.
@rrhoover great question! We're huge fans of the web, which is where our primary admin client lives - but we've seen huge benefits from the native apps like Slack (and producthunt!) which generally command more attention from users with a more active presence on their device. Native apps are distinguished from the plethora of open browser tabs, and also benefit from having assets preloaded for fast performance 😄 In addition we used Electron; so we didn't need to build entirely new apps for every platform - we were able to quickly and easily repurpose our existing ember.js client! Had a ton of fun working on this, and have really enjoyed hearing how many people have been enjoying using it already 👻
@johnonolan @rrhoover How do you like your experience with Electron so far ? :)
@novica93 I would summarise it like this => 😍 We used Ember-Electron, by @felixrieseberg - so it's actually an Electron app wrapping an Ember app wrapping a webview. Which means it's a near-identical stack to Ghost itself and is phenomenally easy to work on as a result!
I just installed a ghost blog on my digital ocean droplet today. I had been using medium or tumblr and decided to go self hosted. I love this!
I've been waiting for this! Lovely interface, nice an zippy - perfect. Good job John & team :) !
This will definitely help more people get onto ghost. I still do prefer using the web version