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#5 Product of the WeekJanuary 13, 2014



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John O'NolanMaker@johnonolan · Founder, Ghost
Happy to answer any questions! :)
Michelle McCormack@lovethecool · Fashion Photographer
@johnonolan watching you pitch Branson at #ces2015. You're the most passionate so far that's for sure. You make it sound like a calling. I was thinking "I'll drink this kool aid." Signed up immediately
John O'NolanMaker@johnonolan · Founder, Ghost
@lovethecool Thank you so much! I really appreciate that :) So cool that you looked this up on Product Hunt while I was on stage.
Michelle McCormack@lovethecool · Fashion Photographer
@johnonolan totally. how awesome is CES. Love it more and more every year. Never understand why people complain about it. It's inspiring! You must be psyched to chill on Branson's island!
Jeff Ski Kinsey@jeff_ski_kinsey · Entrepreneur & Marketing Mad Man™
I gave up on Medium because they refuse to give us a paywall and ability to embed an eCommerce widget to get paid. What is your approach?
J L Gatewood@starrwulfe · Ramen Taste-Tester, editor
Thank you so much for keeping Ghost open source as well. I'm also really excited to hear the plans that are being made for indie journalists (like myself) on the platform.