Gantt Charts for Zenkit

Track & manage complex projects with a Gantt chart in Zenkit

Zenkit is a collaboration tool perfect for project management. With Gantt view, you can track and manage complex projects on a timeline. Set up task dependencies, lag and lead times, milestones, critical path, and more.
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Hi Product Hunt! 🎉 Today, we’re proud to finally release our most requested feature ever. Since Zenkit was launched way back in 2016, our users have been requesting that we develop a Gantt chart view. We’ve put it off until now, not because we thought it was a bad idea, but because we thought it was so important that we had to do it right. With the new Gantt view, we didn't want to create just a simple timeline view of your tasks. We wanted to make sure we could deliver every feature you'd expect from a fully-fledged Gantt tool. This means that not only are your tasks displayed on a timeline, but that you can create 4 different types of dependencies between tasks, add lag and lead, create milestones, view the critical path, and even display one chart superimposed over another. Here are the features to expect in Zenkit’s Gantt view: 🔁 Task dependencies 🕒 Lag and lead times ❗ Critical path visualization 🔷 Milestones 📉 Secondary charts 📅 Chart scaling 🎉 And much, much more... If you’d like to give it a try, you can sign up for a Zenkit account today 👍If you’ve been with us for a while, tell us what you think! We’re excited to see the projects you’ll manage with Gantt view!
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@nicola_cois thank you, Nicola!
Looks beautiful! Well done :)
@gavri_birnbaum Thank you Gabriel! 😻
A powerful collaboration tool. Recommended Zenkit
@nicola_cois Thanks so much Nicola 🤩
Hi, I love using Zenkit and have all my todos and contact stored in Zenkit. Can I visualize my todos easily in a Gant chart?
@cyberm Thanks Alexander! Glad to hear you love it so much 🙌 Yes, Gantt is a great way to visualize tasks on a timeline. It's especially helpful if your todos are dependent on eachother (e.g. you can't start editing until you've finished writing 😉)
Nice addition!
@marcel_gultig Thank you Marcel! 🤗