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I have learned so much from these guys - by far my favorite Customer Success Management platform.
@nikkielizdemere Thanks for the kind words Nichole; that's great to hear. We've worked really hard to promote the concept of Customer Success Management, why it's critical to your success as a vendor - especially to subscription and SaaS companies, how to implement, etc. Happy to answer any questions on the subject of Customer Success in general or Gainsight specifically.
Always fun to see a company with St. Louis origins doing well. The original name of Gainsight was JBara.
@philipithomas yep... and Gainsight still has a sizable - and growing - presence in STL.
@philipithomas JBara Software to be exact. "Bara" means blessings in other languages which is where the name started (named by the wife of the original founder)
Hi... I'm the Customer Success Evangelist at Gainsight and I'm happy to answer any questions you have about Customer Success in general or Gainsight specifically.
Has anyone here used Gainsight on a mobile device? Thoughts?