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What is Salesmachine?
Salesmachine is a customer success platform that helps subscription businesses onboard, retain and grow their customers. It brings all your customer data together in one place, helping you understand customer health, lifecycle stages and deploy customer success strategies to reduce churn and increase upsell.
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Recent launches

TRACK by Salesmachine
TRACK is instant SaaS metrics dashboards via Segment and Intercom.
✌️Up and running in a few minutes
📊Dashboards templates and customer profiles
🤓Actionable product insights
🚀Don’t wait - start now =>
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Salesmachine for Intercom

With Salesmachine for Intercom, you can turn Intercom into a customer success platform. It scores the health of your customers at every stage of the customer lifecycle based on account-based success metrics. Your customer success team can finally anticipate customer risks to increase retention. Setting it up only takes a couple minutes. Try it out!

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