Google Analytics alerts and summaries in your Slack

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Thanks for hunting @raynesio! I decided to build this simple integration because there are no two tools I use more often. Alerts are extremely useful because I like to know when there is a spike in web traffic (so I can figure out where it's coming from and get involved if needed), and summaries help me stay on top of overall trends. Additionally, it's handy just putting Google Analytics in context: now the whole marketing team is seeing what our daily traffic looks like, and whether we're trending up or down. Looking forward to your feedback and suggestions!
maybe you could provide better instructions on how to hook slack. i am a little confused
@ourielohayon Sure! Sorry about that. Basically go to to add an "incoming webhooks" integration to your Slack organization. Select a channel from the drop-down and click "Add Incoming WebHooks Integration". You should see the Webhook URL. Copy it and paste it into the Slack webhook URL field in your GA.TODAY Alerts ( and click "Save Settings". Hope that helps!
Hey @ry_brink ! Great tool. However we have some troubles with the automatic report. It only pushes it manually. Any tips?
@rexromanum Hmm... not sure about that! Can you message me the email address you signed up with and I'll check in on your account? What is your scheduled summary time?
@rexromanum Oh! Have you checked "Enable Summary" next to the profiles you're interested in, and saved them? Otherwise those profiles won't be included in your daily summary.
@ry_brink Thanks! Can I DR you on Twitter?
@ry_brink btw. Works now! Thanks a lot! Great overview for the team!
@rexromanum Awesome! Thanks for letting me know. Keep me posted on any suggestions or feedback from your team!
Awesome little tool man! I've loved having analytics to our Hack Cancer slack group the past couple of weeks. As I have suggested in the past I would really like to see social analytics in the future.