FUTT socks

Delivering unique socks straight to your door every month

FUTT is a sock subscription company with a difference 🧦❀️

Quality - Socks are manufactured and hand finished in Italy πŸ’―

Design - FUTT works with designers outside of the fashion industry to create unique patterns ✏️

Charitable - 5% is donated to WarChild to help children around the world 🌍

Get 40% off your first month with code PH40 πŸ’·

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Congrats on the launch! πŸŽ‰ The socks look great! How do you source designers and choose the final designs? Do designers get paid?
@joetannorella thanks for your question πŸ‘ We're really passionate about curating a range of remarkable socks unlike those that can be found anywhere else. To achieve this we look to work with designers who wouldn't traditional design a fashion item (so that we get a unique design perspective). So far we have worked with architects, set designers, illustrators and graphic design students. Anyone can submit a design. We then engage with our subscribers and newsletter followers to understand which are the most popular designs. For any designs that we select to manufacture, we pay the designer up to Β£500 per design. If you'd like any more information or if you'd like to send us any designs, feel free to drop me an email: gary@futt.co.uk 🧦
@futt @garypiazzon Sounds good! I like the idea to get designs from non-traditional backgrounds such as architects... that's really cool! Any other products on the horizon, or are you going to focus entirely on socks?
@futt @joetannorella thanks! We're hoping over time to expand to other fashion accessory products...underwear, scarves, ties etc.. If you have any suggestions on products you'd like to see us making let me know! πŸ‘
Hi ProductHunt πŸ‘ After 2.5 years of hard work we're really excited to be launching FUTT and to be able to share that with you all. 🧦 FUTT started as we were all frustrated that to get great socks, we either had to compromise on quality or style. Well thanks to FUTT you never have to compromise again! πŸŽ–οΈ I could spend a long time talking in detail about various fibres and material compositions, but here's some key reasons why we think we'll knock your socks off... βœ” International Shipping 🌍 Free First Class shipping to any address in the UK. For customers outside the UK, we'll subsidise the cost of UK shipping. βœ” Awesome Designs ✏️ Every month you'll receive a remarkable pair of FUTT socks with our unique designs specially created for FUTT. βœ” Quality Socks πŸ‘Œ Our socks are manufactured and hand finished in Italy. Each pair of socks goes through a rigorous quality process to ensure each pair we send you meets our high standards. βœ” Durability 🧦 We use our signature blend of cotton and polyamide to make socks that not only look great, but also feel great. βœ” Eco Packaging βœ‰οΈ We pack your subscription into recyclable packaging, perfectly sized to ensure they'll get through your letterbox. βœ” Great Fit 😍 We offer 4 different sizes to ensure a comfortable fit for all customers. βœ” Charitable ❀️ For every pair of socks we sell, 5% of the price of the subscription goes to our charity partner: WarChild. To put that into context, for every 200 subscriptions we sell, we can put a vulnerable child through school for a year! We really hope you love our socks as much as we do! To get you started out we're offering an exclusive 40% discount off your first month's subscription for ProductHunt members. Simply use code PH40 when checking out 🧦
@garypiazzon Congrats! Great to see more Welsh makers on PH :)
@bentossell thanks 😊 We're really proud to be part of the Welsh start-up scene!
@garypiazzon i see you produce in Italy, so post-Brexit shipment to the EU will be from there? Is it available less frequently that monthly?
@thomaskoll unfortunately we only ship monthly at the moment but will be looking to introduce more flexibility to this in the future πŸ‘
ordered. looking forward to it! Where do you want to be by 2020? How do you see the growth and company evolving? Wish you the best.
@victorbercaru thanks! We appreciate the support! Would love to see a photo of you wearing your FUTT socks when they arrive. By 2020 we hope to have a very large subscriber base in socks but to starting to go beyond that. We'd love to explore other fashion accessory products (underwear, scarves, ties etc), would love to be working on some cool collaborations with some brands that share our values to create either interesting new products or to help us distribute in new ways, and finally we'd love to be doing smarter things through our e-commerce store and offer more options for personalisation. 😊🌍🧦
@garypiazzon great stuff! can't wait to try them and will follow your journey.
@victorbercaru that's great to hear! It's going to be an exciting journey!
@garypiazzon tip: to make sure I don't forget about posting - please send me an email or tweet after I receive the socks(try 3 days after dispatch maybe?). permission granted.
@victorbercaru will do! If you need anything in the interim feel free to reach me on my personal email: gary@futt.co.uk πŸ‘
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