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Online donation widget so easy, a Schnauzer can do it!

Fundraise Up helps nonprofits raise more money for great causes by making digital donors happy. We make online donation experience fun, easy, and super convenient, even on your phone. We remove all the ‘hard work’ from it – and keep the love going. Happy donors = more money for nonprofits = a better world for all.

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Hi @yuriy, I have to ask - what's up with the schnauzer in your tagline? 🐶
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@ems_hodge The Schnauzer in the photo is our office dog, Diego. He sometimes jumps on the desk, and I swear, he has almost sent people money a few times. :)
@yuriy Awww Diego! I have a mini schnauzer called Dele, hence the interest. 😉
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@ems_hodge Awwww, Dele! I bet Dele is cuuute
Hi everyone, Yuriy from Fundraise Up here. Thank you @_jacksmith for hunting us. I started the company together with my friends and business partners Peter and Anton because we saw a big need in the world of online donations. Being digital donors ourselves, we have been noticing a huge difference between the standards that existed in our world of the state-of-the-art e-commerce – and the outdated, intimidating user experience in the online donation industry. We loved giving – but we hated the cumbersome online donation process. We started talking to nonprofits, and found out that low online donations were a known problem. We knew exactly why. Our goal is to help nonprofits stop losing money to scary flows. We believe that no matter the location or the language, digital donors who want to give, should be able to give easily. We believe in our mission strongly, Please check out our donation widget, and let us know what you think!
Curious to know more about the AI suggested amounts @peterjbyrnes @yuriy, please share.
@abadesi great question! Thanks for bringing that up. Choosing the suggested donation amount can make or break the campaign. Ask for too little – and nonprofits will miss out on revenues. Ask for too much – and many donors won’t give at all. We use artificial intelligence to suggest the maximum amount comfortable specific to each donor. We collect 20+ features (browser footprint, location, donation history, website visits, nonprofit vertical, average donation per vertical,headcount, revenue, etc.) per donation attempt and use tensorflow in Google Cloud to build a deep learning model.
Logo looks similar to Feedly
@antonybearpark Thank you for the comment. It's shape-based, many simple logos end up resembling something else because of that.