Frrole DeepSense lets you automate candidate assessment right at the top of the funnel leveraging AI that can evaluate individuals using only their email IDs. It helps you predict the candidate's culture fit, personality and behavioral attributes such as teamwork skills, attitude and learning ability. You get to see the candidate's real persona!

  • Larry Hernandez
    Larry HernandezRecruiting Consultant

    Great tool & lead generation chrome app that helps me build persona's, match team and culture fit, and look for patterns of past hires.


    Can be a little slow but the insights are worth it. I just let the app do it's thing and wait for the email letting me know it complete.

    If you are a fan of: inbound marketing, Inbound Recruiting, Building Personas, data driven marketing or sourcing, customized outreach and email campaigns, sourcing and recruiting for Team Fit and Culture, this is a must have tool.

    Larry Hernandez has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Works well in most cases that we tested for. Reliable at scale.



    Have been exposed to Frrole for a few months now. Very excited about their roadmap and the product capabilities. Works well for our usecases

    Ashwin | PipeCandy has used this product for one month.
Thanks for hunting the Chrome extension, Kevin! We are trying to chart a new route here and the feedback from PH community plays a stellar role in making something like that happen. A lot of activity has been happening in the AI for HR space but most of it has been in passive-candidate sourcing and chatbot areas. With DeepSense, we are taking it to the next stage - interview process, where we automate candidate evaluation and just take a big bucket of load off a recruiter or a hiring manager's shoulders. If AI cannot be used to reduce boring manual effort for people, then what on earth can it be used for. DeepSense does this by moving behavior based evaluation to the top of recruitment funnel, while cutting down candidate/recruiter effort to literally 0%. Research has shown again and again that personality and behavior play a far larger role in eventual employee performance than skills but recruiters are still limited to keyword based resume scanning. DeepSense changes that. It helps you get down to the right candidates faster thereby improving recruiter productivity, reducing time to fill and helping pick out the right candidates. And the Chrome Extension ensures that this evaluation can occur on any website irrespective of what ATS or candidate-source you use, using nothing but an email address.
Congrats guys! Have a couple of questions? Does it work only with Google Contacts or does it work with Angel and other hiring sites as well?
@kabandisaikia thanks so much! It works on all sites. You just need to enable it through the extension icon on your Chrome browser.
@anshumanbaruah1 Awesome. Will try that out 👍
Hey this looks good , helpful for recruiting employees , does this work with a Linkedln
@ayush_chandra thanks! Yes, this works in LinkedIn. Just go to a LinkedIn profile and open the extension, the profile would be created automatically.
Nice product thank you for sharing