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#5 Product of the DayFebruary 28, 2018

Friday measures employee happiness on a weekly basis, analyses it and then feeds it back anonymously so that everyone across the organisation gets the insights they need.

We also make recommendations on how to improve. We encourage teams to talk about their results each week and discuss how to make their next week better.

Bassem Shaker
Romain BARON
Gaurav Tiwari
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    Super user friendly and beautifully designed. Easy to setup and invite people in your team.


    Would have love to have free typing option/ feedback question for them to share their feeling if they want to.

    A google chrome extension would be cool. A live chat on your website would be cool too.

    When I have set up. Some of the people I have invited did not receive the invite to the first setup question..

    Romain BARON has used this product for one week.
I love the idea. Gusto (the payroll service) just started prompting my employees to rate their happiness monthly, and I've used 15Five and TINYPulse before; Curious how you'd say Friday differentiates from those products, or where you'd like to take the tool? Congrats on the launch!
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Not sure if it's only me, but I can't read anything on the website. Black text over background image makes it really hard
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@thiagoafram Thanks for your comment. Sorry about that but what browser are you using?
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@thiagoafram @gaurav_tiwari1 It's happening on Google Chrome. I tried on Mozilla and Safari as well, and they worked just fine!
@gaurav_tiwari1 @matheusguerra The problem happens when the ?ref= is present. If I remove, it works. Chrome
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I like this a lot. Much needed in today’s contemporary working environments.
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Nice idea! How do you argument about employees „distraction“ every week?
Great job!! Cool concept 😊Will surely check it out 😊