Forms by Palabra

Capture signups on your website in 2 clicks

The signup form for your landing page
No ugly styles, adapts to your website.
Implement it in 2 clicks. Try it without signing up 🚀
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2 Reviews5.0/5
❤️ Hi hunters! Glad our product got hunted! With *Forms* we built form that: 👩‍💻 Is dev first. Edit everything right from the html. 💅 Styles look good out of the box. Paste it on your site and see it for yourself. ✨ Creation takes less that 2 minutes. Create the form first, register later. 💨 Lightweight. The form with styles is less than 4 KB. We decided to build this quick signup form to help help these *problems*: - You built a landing page and need a signup form. - Forms on email marketing tools take a lot to build. - Styles are usually ugly or don’t match with the landing page. - To edit texts and classes you have to do it from the email marketing tool. Hope many of you decide to give it a try.