Chatbots are the virtual workforce. Assist Clients Anytime is a fully customizable chatbot that can automate routine tasks and assist your clients 24/7. It only takes minutes to create a mistake-free employee. Our chatbots offer consultations, arrange meetings, auto-populate documents, accept payments, collect and send data securely.

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This service can automate tasks within any department of a company, from sales and marketing departments to product development, customer support, law and HR. I can see it being very useful for my team.


The product allows users to create a specialized robot tailored to the tasks of the company.


No Cons

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Hi everyone! This is our first launch on Product Hunt, and we’re pretty excited. is a chatbot builder that allows you to create bots that simplify routine tasks and assist your clients 24/7. Our team has been working on legal automation for several years, and we’ve noticed that lawyers often find themselves having to answer the same questions over and over again. Accomplished legal experts waste a whole lot of time offering routine consultations, sorting through new clients, and preparing documents. After speaking with experts across the legal profession, we’ve discovered that the best way to help lawyers solve this problem while keeping clients happy is to automate these processes through a chatbot. This process is much easier on the clients: Rather than spending time and money on a consultation, they can go through a simple questionnaire that collects all of the relevant data without difficult legalese. But most of all, we created this tool to help lawyers save valuable time. automates data collection, takes care of standard document drafting, and makes accepting and sorting through client requests a breeze. The legal field isn’t the only industry that can benefit immensely from automation. Form.One is useful for any large company or corporation looking to save time and money. HR departments can use Form.One to onboard new employees or draft HR documents. Sales and marketing departments can use Form.One to process incoming requests and arrange meetings. Procurement departments can use Form.One to consult other employees. Product teams can use Form.One to collect feedback. Online store owners can also benefit from using Form.One as a personal assistant for their clients. A Form.One bot embedded into a website can help customers answer questions about specific products, place orders, or get advice. Interested in helping customers select a wine for the evening based on what they’re serving? A sommelier bot you build in Form.One would be happy to help. easily integrates into any corporate system and uses Webhook to collect data and send it to any service securely. It can even create new objects in remote services, create a case in your existing case management system, or collect client requests from the website and create deals in HubSpot. chatbots can also retrieve information from connected services and offer it to the user. You could use Form.One to easily update clients on their orders or document statuses. can also ask for performance feedback from users and relay that information back to the customer success department. Creating a chatbot in is extremely simple, and you don’t need to have any coding expertise: you simply build out processes and conversations by dragging and dropping necessary blocks of text. It’s time to automate standardized tasks and let robots do all of the busywork. This keeps customers happy, allows well-paid professionals to focus on truly creative work, and saves companies valuable time and money. We’re eager to hear your thoughts on I’m always ready for a chat and will happily answer any questions you have.
Hi Product Hunters! Our motto is “Work Smarter, Not Harder.” A great way to start doing so is by creating very own personalized chatbot. This brave new bot can complete tasks usually performed by hired specialists while you focus on more fulfilling tasks. Form.One lets you create every imaginable and unimaginable idea with the most reliable support staff member: a robot! We have a very special offer tied to our Product Hunt launch: New clients will receive 6 free months of Form.One use, including 500 chats per month. Give it a try, and let us know how it goes.

I tried to create my own bot and was pleasantly surprised. It is so easy. Great service!


I’m impressed at how intuitive the system was. The script of any conversation can be made within a minutes, just like they said.


I’m not sure that the chatbot will be able to replace client interactions.

Thanks for your comments, and we understand your hesitation. One great feature is that the Chatbot will notify you if you need to intervene in the dialogue with the client and help him solve the problem, and it collects data about your customers so that you can analyze it later. Most of our clients find that with a little bit of adjustment, most of the time you can avoid having to intervene.

This settles the question "Should lawyers learn to how to code?". Lawyers should practice law, and let technology take care of routine jobs. Automate what you can automate. And a tool like lets even lawyers build a chatbot, no coding required.


Intuitive, easy to use



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