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Iyinoluwa AboyejiMakerHiring@iaboyeji · Co-founder, Flutterwave
Hi Everyone, My name is Iyinoluwa Aboyeji. "E" for short and I'm one of the members of Flutterwave's founding team. I'm happy to answer any questions about using our API or payments across Africa in general. Looking forward to an engaging conversation.
Akinolaoluwa Owoeye@civicark10 · People Operations @ CL
@iaboyeji thanks for doing this, is there any email to contact you, I want to be part of this assignment
Edozié Izegbu@edozie_izegbu · Software Engineer
@iaboyeji I'm currently building a POS system for use there, and I would like to use your API is it possible to get in contact with you ? My email is eai267@g.harvard.edu
Iyinoluwa AboyejiMakerHiring@iaboyeji · Co-founder, Flutterwave
@civicark10 absolutely! The easiest way I would say would be through our website. www.flutterwave.com
Iyinoluwa AboyejiMakerHiring@iaboyeji · Co-founder, Flutterwave
@edozie_izegbu @g amazing stuff! I would recommend you speak to someone on our team by going to flutterwave.com and typing in the chat icon. POS payments is they are regulated by NIBBS so we have to make sure you have the required license before giving you access to our solutions for those.
Jean Paul Mugizi@jmugizi · Software Engineer for login.gov @18F
@iaboyeji website is down
Kat ManalacHunter@katmanalac · Partner, Y Combinator
Flutterwave is an API that lets you process credit card and local alternative payments, like mobile money and ACH, across Africa. They're solving a huge problem for Africa. In the US, most stores take debit, credit, and mobile payments. But in Africa, merchants have to integrate with each form of payment individually -- which means many stores will have a POS system that takes only Visa but not MasterCard. The integration process is so difficult that many store owners don't even bother with POS. Flutterwave makes accepting all forms of payments simple for any merchant. Uber is even using them in Lagos. If you're building a payments company in Africa, or if you need to make or accept payments in Africa, you need Flutterwave.
Hussein shtia@hussein_shtia · CEO Xcopy Inc / Data Scientist
Hi my Q do you allow 3 part payment like market place ?
Iyinoluwa AboyejiMakerHiring@iaboyeji · Co-founder, Flutterwave
@hussein_shtia Absolutely we do allow marketplace payments. It does require you to do some work with our API though and we will be making this use case more explicit in future versions of Flutterwave's API. Check out flutterwave.com and talk to one of our Developers for more details
Hussein shtia@hussein_shtia · CEO Xcopy Inc / Data Scientist
@iaboyeji OK Cool
Hussein shtia@hussein_shtia · CEO Xcopy Inc / Data Scientist
@iaboyeji Very sorry about what I was going to say But your support is not effective even not return answers good luck
Alex Delegard@alex_delegard
FYI, your PH "GET IT" button takes you to a localhost url
Yusuf Parak@deleted-147931
This looks interesting!