Flash for Gmail

Turn your Gmail experience to a Superhuman experience

You can archive, delete, reply, compose, snooze etc without using your mouse or remembering shortcuts. The only shortcut you need is CMD/Ctrl + K the command centre will increase your productive and help you to get the work done completely using the keyboard.
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#WIN! Trying it out right away :)
Thanks for hunting us @kevin - The idea is to make every one productive with web apps - We are starting with Gmail. Its hard to remember all the shortcuts with so many apps that we get to use everyday. We will be adding support to Trello, Asana, Jira etc. in the future. Do share your thoughts and feedback. I am here all day to answer questions. One command to make you productive :)
So I can take actions right from my keyboard instead of using mouse each time I want to manage the email? Yay! Trying this now.
Was wondering when someone would do that :) If you add shortcuts for some Gmail functions that don't have them yet and natural language processing for time in Snooze/Send later features it'd be even closer.
@y_molodtsov Thank you Yury, yeah that would be the next step. We need some API access for that. This was straight forward to get started :)