Figma Team Library 1.0

Build a consistent design system w/ shared components

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Hey everyone, I’m Dylan, the CEO of Figma. We’re excited to announce that Team Library 1.0 is out in the wild, eight months after we first introduced its bare-bones beta. We spent that time talking to hundreds of people about how they used the feature so we could perfect its functionality. Since Figma is online, you can share always up-to-date components with colleagues across all files — no syncing necessary. We hope this new version will continue to help companies build more stable, consistent design systems. In Team Library 1.0, you’ll discover three major upgrades: 1. Faster, easier browsing of components with our new left-hand sidebar 2. More options for categorizing your components in your Team Library 3. A new documentation section to explain how individual components should be used We hope these changes will make searching, organizing, and explaining your components easier every step of the way. Figma designer Rasmus Andersson wrote about it all here if you’d like to learn more: We’d love to hear your feedback on how we can improve even more. Are you building a design system? What would make your life easier?
@zoink YES YES YES! Team Library is a huge feature we've been tinkering with and now it's at 1.0 it's rocking! Categorizing was our biggest need. The rest of the updates are just sweet sweet icing on the cake!
@gautch Thanks, Josh!!