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Extend Figma with plugins. Easy to create. 1-click install.

Figma Plugins extend what's possible in Figma. We're launching with over 40 (and counting) plugins built by our community, & this is just the beginning. Figma Plugins are easy to build. If you know basic HTML and JavaScript, you can create a Figma plugin.
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Hi folks! I'm Sho, one of the folks at Figma who worked on plugins. We are really excited to share this update with you today. Here's what's new: 1) As of today you can start using 40+ plugins built by the Figma community. Figma Plugins are stable, reliable, and can be installed in one click. 2) Any Figma user who knows basic HTML and JS can build their own plugins. So if you can build a webpage, you can build a Figma Plugin. 3) This release also includes Enterprise features that help large design organizations manage and distribute plugins with a click of a button. Please check it out and let us know what you think. Tom Lowry and I will be around all day to answer questions. Thanks! -Sho
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@skuwamoto Hey Sho! Curious how one gets into this private club with you guys. I built one of the first Figma plugins ever after the API was announced and haven't received any support or help. We've got a pretty healthy user-base and I can't for the life of me get anyone from Figma to bat an eye. We're getting so much support from Adobe we are actually just moving the entire thing to XD now. Just wanted to surface this to your attention. Plugin is available at
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@skuwamoto @jmitch Would you mind reaching out to me at Sorry that you didn't receive a response. I would love to get in touch and learn more about your integration. Thank you! πŸ™
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@skuwamoto @figma @negativespaceca Sure Tom, I'll shoot you an email now!
Very excited about this step. We've been Figma users for years now (I think we were officially the first customer!) and have loved all the advancements in the platform. This one will be a particularly big one. [Sidenote: A Figma plug-in for Coda is in the works!]
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API docs are available here:
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@skuwamoto Hey I applied to be a developer , but I never received an email. How can i get started ?
@craze3 Hi there! We had way more applicants for the developer beta than we could handle, but starting today, anyone can get started with developing figma plugins. The link above will help you get started with documentation, example projects, etc.
@skuwamoto Thanks! I think I'm ready to submit soon. Should i get in touch with you first, or just submit?
@craze3 Just submit!
The API is so easy to use! Love Figma <3
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I'm going to learn JS to write my own plugins! You guys rock!
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