Fibery is a work management platform grows with companies

The work management platform that adapts to companies and grows with them
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8 Reviews5.0/5
While looking at Airtable, Notion, Quip, Coda, DropBox Paper and Zenkit I stumbled upon Fibery. Looks promising. Still in private beta.
@alecfokapu Well, we did not want to make an announcement at this stage of the product...
@michael_dubakov I am so sorry! Your blog post resonated with my own thinking and research on the matter that I may have been too enthusiastic. Hope you forgive me.
@alecfokapu Thanks! No problem, I hope we can still do official launch and announcement with the public release :)
I like the idea of this. Reminds me of notion app...which is a good thing, because I think that several developers are now seeing th benefits of having one app that does things that Trello, Google docs etc does, all under one roof. Good spot @alecfokapu