Fake it Make it

A free eBook about UX design and rapid app prototyping

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I wrote this book over the past 6 months to share the UX design and prototyping process that I've used to design several startup products. Since it's my birthday, I'm making this kindle book free on Amazon today. Here's a direct link to the book on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00X8U2BCY You can read it on any kindle device or kindle app on mobile/tablet Hope you enjoy it!
@amirkhella thank you. I have read 2 chapters, it's really helpful book! Will show it my students.
Looks good! and today free, thanks ;)
I've extended the promo for Product Hunters to get the book for free for another day, until midnight tonight (Wednesday)
@amirkhella is there a non-kindle version too?
@ampoellmann so far it's Kindle only. You can read it on Kindle app on any device (mobile, tablet, PC/Mac,....)
@ampoellmann @amirkhella BTW Kindle App is pretty nice.
I tried to read it on the Kindle app on my iPad but I couldn't. It said I needed a kindle unlimited subscription.
@fbara choose the "buy it now with 1 click" instead of "read it for free". It's still going to be free.
I have amazon India account and that asks for buying kindle unlimited subscription :(