Fact Check by Google

Google fights fake news in search with 'fact check'

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Please tell me what the truth is big brother
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@harrison_bergeron It's hard to tell what the truth is. Quite easy to point out the lies.
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@staringispolite attaboy. well said my friend.
Basically it's just a schema.org model for fact-checking websites. Nothing stops a fake news media outlet from using it.
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I'm sure this isn't biased at all *cough Clinton health issues were filtered from results last election cough cough*
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Although I understand the skepticism, this is so much better than a completely algorithmic approach, like Google takes with Instant Answer. Because IA are all algorithmic, they are gamed constantly to say things like "Barack Obama is a Muslim" or other nonsense. With this, at least there is some manual checking of the sources that Google presents as facts.