Eye tracking is expensive, difficult to do right, and takes a lot of time. Eyetato is trained on thousands of real eye tracking sessions, and can predict where a user is most likely to look at any design you throw at it.
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Tools like Hotjar are useful for identifying how users interact with your site/app but require one to add it to their codebase. I'm curious how accurate Eyetato is in predicting behavior. Do you have any data on this, @mortenjust?
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It loves large whitespaces for some reason, not sure if that is right. But it's definitely an interesting concept. Would love to see some comparisons of real eye tracking vs Eyetato.
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If you do a video, but audio on there. Explain the tech better, you're making an inference, inferring past data to your new composition and making a leap to say this wont track well because of x, thats not really eye tracking..


looks fast, powerful and robust, eyetracking predict before you've made it?


its not actually doing any eyetracking, its using a model of previously recorded eye tracking and comparing that to what youve made?

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Interesting, I wonder how accurate it is
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Now that's some serious stuff you've done here @mortenjust - can't wait to try it out!
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