Let customers call you from your website

Let customers call you from your website. Set up a call center in as little as a minute! No quirky phone numbers, no complicated setups. Transfer calls from one agent to another. Engage users/customers and get more leads by allowing them call you from your website.

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Just tried it. Really freaking cool.
Thanks for all the calls guys! People from all over were calling to test it out. Super stoked from all the support and kind words from everyone. πŸ˜€ I don't think anyone on the team has been able to sleep since I posted this because lots of people calling in πŸ˜… We've decided to give some form of discounts to users from ProductHunt, so write me if you're interested: yinka@extendapp.io ✊🏾
This is freaking amazingggggg. It works great. Sound quality is great and reduces the support time it takes to have long text of chat typed out just to explain a minute detail. And I'm proud it's from Nigeria.
Website very thin? No "About us", no pricing info, nothing? When I tried out the demo, it worked well enough, with a Nigerian gentleman answering, who claims the company is based in the US and costs $25 a for 3 agents after the free trial. A bit more information about your operation would go a long way :)
@jvosloo Hi Johan, thanks for your feedback πŸ˜€ We're currently redesigning the site so we left just a landing page for now, more updates with better details and information should be up soon. Please do bear with us as we try to arrange things to look better. There's a pricing page at https://extendapp.io/pricing Also, we have people working with us remotely, including members of the team in the US and in Nigeria. Thanks for checking us out. Please feel free to write me: yinka@extendapp.io if you have any issues. Thanks!
@jvosloo Anything wrong with a Nigerian gentleman? Must you stereotype people and their country? I say this because I don't see you commenting on other products and tagging people as American gentleman or Indian gentleman. Stop the B.S. Focus on the product, which is great by the way.
@extendapp @elujoba thanks for the feedback :) Like I said, the app worked well in the demo and while there are other solutions in this space, there always is something to be said for a simple, well-executed solution that is priced competitively. But the internet being the anonymous wild-west that it is, it is good for serious product makers to show that they are credible with relevant information made available around their product and team - which is the positive criticism I was going for. Someone else on here is trying to make something of the fact that I mentioned that the agent I spoke to during the demo was Nigerian, but stated the company was US-based. Well, it's abundantly clear from all the screenshots that at least part of the company operates in Nigeria... which is great! I'm proudly South African myself and so is my company. I am always delighted to see African tech startups see the light of day, plus us Africans are more than capable of producing world-changing technologies (AWS originated in Cape Town, Elon Musk is South African, etc). I wish you the best of luck with your endeavour! πŸ˜„πŸ‘
Great job!! 😊 Any Wordpress plugin available?
@ayush_chandra Hi! Yes actually. Can you send a mail to yinka@extendapp.io? We haven't been able to list it on the store yet because it's taking ages for WordPress to get to our turn on the plugin queue. Thanks!
@ayush_chandra Hi Ayush! The Wordpress plugin has been approved and is available here now: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ex...