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#5 Product of the DayMarch 15, 2017

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Good timing to launch your tool on Product Hunt! React Native becomes more and more popular as a great option for creating performant iOS & Android apps (and it's cheaper option). So you have made useful tool for people, who are interesting to try React Native framework. But the name of the tool is strange, because it sounds like "tool that make export from Sketch" or "something related to Sketch App". Also, you have a preview mode at the web-version, so I can see changes when I play with the code. Why to throw QR-code pop-up on me? I'm not ready to download from the 1st second after looking on the tool. Maybe, you also should add some About\Features\Feedback section on the website (check https://swift.sandbox.bluemix.net/). Good luck!
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@lisadziuba thanks for your thoughts!
@lisadziuba We wanted to encourage people to use the mobile app since it has much better performance than web version. When we demoed this to people we got a much stronger reaction when they saw the phone version update so we thought we should prioritize that.
@jesse_ruder ahh, I see! No worries, I just wrote my first feelings when I opened the web version.
@lisadziuba It's great feedback! We're thinking about how to make the QR less aggressive.
This is wonderful... We're making Hashnode's app using Expo. Congrats team! 🍻
@fazlerocks Thanks for the kind words!
Awesome idea and great execution. It couldn't be easier to get an up and running cross-platform app. Would be cool to share your current sketch via a link, so co-workers don't have to scan the QR code. Still a great product, though! πŸ™Œ
@timolins you can hit "save" and then copy the URL and send it to someone!
@timolins Once you save the page will have an "Open on Expo" button on mobile. It's works but it's not ideal - agree we need to think about that case.
This is straight up awesome. How long until I can import other npm modules? I have so many ideas for where this could go!
@michael_paris you can include the modules listed on our blogpost about it now. We'll probably add a few more to that list. And maybe one day figure out how to add arbitrary modules but no timeline for that yet.
@michael_paris We've had a lot of requests for this. A lot of library authors want to use Sketch to demo their libraries. Don't have a timeline but it definitely moved up our priority list.
This is amazing! Really want to learn ReactJS now!
@andrey_lukin awesome! Hope this helps you learn :)
@andrey_lukin You really should. It's changed my entire outlook on mobile development. It has its issues, of course, but it's almost fun to do things now, *and* make them cross-platform.
@joshuapinter How did you start with mobile development and how did you transition to React Native?
@andrey_lukin Android (for www.cntr.al) -> Learn React Native -> Made www.ntwrkapp.com as a side project.