Expo Sketch


Prototype and deploy React Native code faster than ever


Lisa Dziuba
@lisadziuba · Swift Learner & FlawlessApp.io Founder
Good timing to launch your tool on Product Hunt! React Native becomes more and more popular as a great option for creating performant iOS & Android apps (and it's cheaper option). So you have made useful tool for people, who are interesting to try React Native framework. But the name of the tool is strange, because it sounds like "tool that make export … See more
Syed Fazle Rahman
@fazlerocks · CEO & Co-founder, Hashnode
This is wonderful... We're making Hashnode's app using Expo. Congrats team! 🍻
Timo Lins
@timolins · Developer & Designer
Awesome idea and great execution. It couldn't be easier to get an up and running cross-platform app. Would be cool to share your current sketch via a link, so co-workers don't have to scan the QR code. Still a great product, though! 🙌
Michael Paris
@michael_paris · CEO of Scaphold, Inc.
This is straight up awesome. How long until I can import other npm modules? I have so many ideas for where this could go!
Andrey Lukin
This is amazing! Really want to learn ReactJS now!