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Great example of a honest business in an otherwise shady supplements industry. The makers are quite active on Reddit and have done some interesting AMAs in the past if anyone is curious. They turn around a tidy profit while maintaining their integrity.
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@haichenw Thanks - we try our best :)
Thanks for hunting us @skinnyandbald We started off organically out of reddit fitness about 5 years, frustrated with how supplement companies were tricking us along (my peak collection of supplements: ) We've been grinding since then, with nary an advertisement, sponsor, donor, consulting client, or anything that could influence in a negative manner. Any questions or concerns, would be happy to address them.
@sol_orwell Massive fan of the site. Keep up the good work. Solid source of information, I reference articles there all the time. Drop me a line sometime if you'd like some technical SEO pointers.
Huge fan of Examine and the work that @sol_orwell's team has done so far. In an industry filled with misinformation (hi BulletProof Coffee) their work shines through and has helped thousands of professionals and consumers. Kids these days are lucky to have a resource like this imho. @Sol_orwell, what's in the plans for Examine in 2016?
@mcgunagle45 Thanks mate. As for 2016... more of the same. We still have too many major supplements we are not fully done with, and hopefully our bigger-than-ever team can crush it.
@sol_orwell @mcgunagle45 every thought of doing something similar to LabDoor? I honestly trust you guys enough where I would buy the heck out of Examine approved products offered through the site.
@zshrm @mcgunagle45 We have, but we never will. Testing brands starts making our independent ethos a bit murky, and we'd prefer not to do that.
@sol_orwell Thank you for a great service! I've been using Examine for quite some time (I am among those who came from Reddit). Three questions: (1) Building such a large quantity of quality content does not strike me as something that scales easily: it seems like an arduous job. Is there a secret sauce other than just loads of hard work and research? (2) At what point (in terms of number of entries in your database) have you guys noticed that the usage really spiked? I guess the question is what was your critical mass for content. (3) What's next you have in store for us?
@srlle 1. Secret sauce - we keep everything away from the researchers except research. Even with my co-founder - he focused on *ONLY* the research, and I took care of everything else. I'm a big believer in the "cost" of a context switch, so having them just do research keeps them on fire. 2. None. It was slow and steady. 4.5+ years in and counting - no big moment ever :) 3. More of the same. We still don't have great coverage on supplements like iron (to our great shame), and one of my edicts to the team is that they really need to get them done sooner than later. Thanks for the kind words and support :)
Hey @sol_orwell, I'm sure you get asked for fitness and nutrition advice all the time. Are there any insights that you find yourself sharing with people most often? What important truth about supplements and nutrition do very few people agree with you on? That's an @eriktorenberg question :)
@darynakulya Ahh - real world colliding with internetworld :) > Insights I think a few things: 1. Expectations. There's a reason why most supplements are not used as pharmaceutical agents - they just are not that powerful. Now some can be impressive (berberine for glucose, bacopa for memory, there *is* a pharma version of fish oil), but it's not gonna be any kind of panacea. 2. That supplements should be done in a TARGETED manner. Taking pills for the sake of taking pills is silly. Take fish oil if you eat a lot of red meat and little fatty fish. Take vitamin D if you are not getting enough sun exposure. Don't take a multivitamin - take whatever you're deficient in (for most people - zinc and especially magnesium). I myself take curucmin/cissus because I have a genetic disorder that weakens my joints... but I would not recommend it to *everyone* 3. It's not always about being right. People come to us and say "my mom is taking XX and I know it doesn't work but she swears it makes her feel better." So - then let her keep taking it! Unless XX is incredibly expensive, the placebo effect is real. If she feels better, why would you lambast her for it?! > Disagree with us on Hrmm - that's a tough one. We're pretty respected because we give pretty nuanced positions. The problem is that a lot of people see diet almost as a religion, and get very dogmatic about it. So we get a lot of heat from low-carbs and low-fatters, and so forth. I think the one that surprises people the most (and surprised me the most) was that MSG is actually not harmful at all: http://examine.com/faq/is-monoso... The actual research got twisted and misrepresented.