Collect feedback for your site with emojis

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Collect feedback from your visitors in your Medium articles, WordPress, Shopify or any HTML website using different sets of emojis


  • Ethan兩鳶兩 Making KanbanMail & Code The Web

    Fast and simple way to get feedback which is both easy for me to set up and easy for the user to fill out!


    It's in an iframe, so you can't style it to fit with your website

    Great product! A cool idea to add to the product would be for it to show you the percentage of people who clicked each emoji for that page after voting (like Twitter polls).

    Ethan has used this product for one day.


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Anders Hasselstr繪m@andhasselstromFounder
Impressive job guys. Definitely something I could use for my company. With an ever decreasing attention span, we often find that we cannot get the feedback we need in various situations because of too much noise around feedback collection. Also, love the UI and how smooth the app runs.
MarkMaker@kirkovFrontend developer at Typeform
@andhasselstrom Thanks Anders! Keep us updated on how it works out for you
Krishna De@krishnadeSocial business & live video strategist
This looks fun and valuable @kirkov - thanks for sharing - I have added you to my curations and just registered so looking forward to testing it. Not sure LinkedIn permit this yet but it would be great to see this integrated into LinkedIn articles/publisher too.
MarkMaker@kirkovFrontend developer at Typeform
@krishnade Thanks Krishna! LinkedIn could be interesting to have a look at
Krishna De@krishnadeSocial business & live video strategist
@kirkov Terrific - let's hope their platform allows for this in the future if not now!
Ariel@ariel_jedrzejczakStore Inc. 領潑賤撾踱儭
That's super great tool. I just wonder about pricing. Is it gonna be free?
EnnioMakerPro@enniodybeliProduct Designer @Typeform
@ariel_jedrzejczak Thanks for giving it a try , we are planning to keep the current features on a free plan for ever and then look into more advanced features that might be part of a paid plan for more advances users , please feel free to have a look at our public roadmap and request anything that you might find useful
Ariel@ariel_jedrzejczakStore Inc. 領潑賤撾踱儭
@enniodybeli I know other tools like this, but I am gonna use yours. Please be calm with pricing because I will use triggers for sure ;>
Uur KILCI @ugur2ndUur KILCI
The idea is beautiful. I immediately put the website and test it.
MarkMaker@kirkovFrontend developer at Typeform
@ugur2nd Thanks Uur! Let us know how it goes
Keyur Patel@tinkersolutionTinker Solution, Canada
This looks promising. Good job guys. Nice and Clean UI. Still would love to see if any back end to check the results. And look forward to use it in my many websites.
MarkMaker@kirkovFrontend developer at Typeform
@tinkersolution Thanks Keyur! I've added your idea to our roadmap to keep track of it: https://trello.com/c/8pSZibBx/16...
Keyur Patel@tinkersolutionTinker Solution, Canada
@kirkov Thanks man! You rock !
Keyur Patel@tinkersolutionTinker Solution, Canada
@kirkov Also, try to add some feature so that we can include this in email marketing too. That would be fun and I believe easy to achieve.
MarkMaker@kirkovFrontend developer at Typeform
@tinkersolution That's something we're going to address for sure. Do you have any specific use-case in mind?