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A free collection of well-crafted and effective email copy

A growing online library of customizable outreach and follow-up email templates by Autoklose and industry experts for various business situations. Expand it by adding your own high-performing ones and let’s create a useful email template hub for the community.
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Hi ProductHunters, 👋 I’m Shawn from Autoklose. We’ve met a couple of times already. :) As you usually have just one shot at capturing the attention of your recipients, your copy, one of the most critical elements of the outreach, had better be good. Autoklose’s Free Email Template Library will help you with this by providing you with a growing number of email outreach and follow-up templates that you can customize and tailor to your recipients. 💌 It is also possible to submit your well-performing templates and contribute to this evolving resource. I hope this Template Library will serve you as inspiration for creating the copy that will be open sesame for your successful communication with your prospects. Let me know what you think? Happy prospecting and closing!
Great idea. Very useful for outreach.
@milana_jovic1 woohoo thanks Milana!
This is very useful, and actually makes results and increases your sales. Great job Autoklose!
I like the idea of an open library. People can add theirs as well. Good job 👍
@mladen_zelen YES and YES. That's the point of it Mladen. Thank you.
Useful tool. I can make my own campaigns, prospect with the clients and use for outreach.
@milica_marjanovic1 Thanks Milica! GL klosing :)