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#5 Product of the DaySeptember 20, 2017

Directly embedding smart help components into your existing interface (like search, auto-suggestions, or full articles) via HTML or the point and click, your UX, and customer education become intertwined. Leading to increases in engagement & retention, and a drop to support loads. Allowing companies to truly scale, without needing to scale support

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Hey Product Hunters! I'm not going to lie, we're pretty excited about this, a tonne of amazing work has gone into this from the team to bring a few moving pieces together. We're huge believers that the best education happens when it's natural. And when customers better understand your product, and can more easily learn what they need to, they become more engaged and more loyal. Or in product speak... they convert better, and they're less likely to churn. If you can't bring the user to the help... bring the help to the user. Either directly with HTML or using our point and click tool, you can embed a range of different elements into your site to streamline your customer education. Including a deep search, auto-suggested support content, or embedding an entire article (great for onboarding). So while everyone else tries to build reactive bots and chat tools… we’re busy trying to help you proactively educate users. We've helped hundreds of companies with in-app support like Atlassian, Dell, CircleCI, and can't wait to see what you come up with! We're based in Melbourne, Australia 🇦🇺 ... so it's going to be a super late night while we try and respond to any comments or questions you might have for us! Oh, and we have a discount for you legends on the landing page :)
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@duellsy Nice work! I really like what you're doing in (a) bringing together help desk and in-app help content and (b) helping folks create contextual help. I think providing contextual guidance and enabling this to be data-driven and adaptable is the way forward for all software interfaces, so thanks for pushing this forward for all of us :)
@_pulkitagrawal thanks so much Pulkit, would be interesting to see if we can work together. A rising tide floats all boats 😀
@duellsy yeah that would be cool. Let's chat! I'll DM you (can I do that here?! Else Twitter)
@_pulkitagrawal legendary, just followed you on Twitter 😀
@duellsy Hey Chris, looks like an awesome product! My use case would be to create visual helpers on a specific page (eCommerce product page) to guide users through customisation options. Is it possible to limit the visualisers to display only once per visitor? They don't need to see it after going through the first 'how-to'. Couldn't find this out through your knowledge base, funnily enough! :)
This will be signficant.
@bigyahu thanks! We're pretty excited to see what people do with this :)
Looks great aye, right on time for my project.
@rick_chen1 fantastic, no better time like the present. Would love to see what you come up with!
Looks incredible. Can't wait to get it into our site.
@petedavisuk Thans Peter! Would love to see how you put it to work!
This is so cool! Already implanted that and its just amazing! Thanks so much!
@adigold1 legendary... you don't mess about Adi!