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A site that plans your multi-city travel in a few clicks

Usually people dream about travelling in terms of categories: "Why don't we fly to Paris?!"

Paris is cool! And what about visiting London, Nice, Amsterdam, Barca, and back to home for the very same cost!

Pay less - get more: Pay $200 for 5-city trip instead of $200 for a usual round-trip.

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Nice, similar to Journy but without the human touch it seems.
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@rrhoover thank you! We've traveled so many times and have done it exactly as described below. We design travel routes with care to save your energy when moving from city to city. There are tricky airports that we don't like. Say, Paris Beauvais and Oslo Torp (too far from the city). That's why you won't find them in our travel routes. We are very likely to visit the city and its airport before adding it to the system. First-hand experience is the best way to be sure about the value and quality. We sincerely believe that traveling in a way we offer is a rewarding adventure. And that if designed in a smart manner the road will not make you feel deenergized. We don't like and thus rarely offer flights and trains that want you to be on board at 5AM or 6AM. We are fanatically sure that it is vital for a person to have a breakfast while traveling. On top of that when you arrive to a new city you don't need to wait that sacred 12PM – 14PM to check-in at a hotel. We don't like to arrive to a city too early with the burden of the luggage behind. Late arrival is also not a desirable option. To design joyful adventures leading you seamlessly from one city to another is what we are here for in the first place. P.S. We love trains, reasonable prices and your smiles ;)
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Hot damn! I love this! Would love to see this... 1) expand to different countries (living in Canada), 2) allow more adjustments for the number of nights for the trip total and at each location, 3) include potential activities at each location. 4) to indicate what the price in the bottom right includes (only flights at this time it seems) and possible give an estimate with accommodations included. Fantastic interface and breakdown. Great job!
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@joshuapinter Thank you for your review! We certainly plan to expand and improve our service. And your advices help us do it
Hi Guys, Eightydays.me is an app that helps travelers design multi-city round trips across Europe. The algorithm designs convenient routes from point A to point A with 3-5 cities inside. In most cases all air and train tickets for such routes cost between $100 and $300. HOW EIGHTYDAYS.ME WORKS: - Set Start&Finish city, the dates and the theme of your trip; - Eightydays.me will offer you routes with 3, 4 and 5 cities inside; - Choose the one you like the most, book the tickets and embrace adventures. WHAT IS EIGHTYDAYS.ME: - Fast way to design inspiring trips; - Your personal travel puzzle solver; - The magic app that fits Milan, Barcelona and Amsterdam between Paris and London; - Tech lifehack to see more and pay less; - Say-NO to fruitless searching and combining; - Say-YES to beautiful adventures. Hope you'll like the project and it will inspire you to dream and travel more. Your thoughts and ideas are highly appreciated! Aleh Tsikhanau - Eightydays.me founder/CEO
Just tried it out for a London trip - first reaction - surprised about how quick it was to get everything, nicely done! It looks like there's a couple API's being used (airbnb, flights, etc.) so I would have imagined a little more of a delay but it seems snappy. Ah well, after looking more into it - I guess I'm unsure how the Airbnb API works, but the product is able to get the price of a place but you can't click on the actual place? I'm assuming there was a design choice there. My only thought would be to have a master "Book everything" button somewhere - that would take a lot of hassle out of booking (not sure if it can be done though 🤔)
@kevinguebert Thank you for your interest, Kevin! We're working on a single ticket & single iternary for all the flights & rooms right now. Stay tuned!
@ethnoza @kevinguebert yes, my thought exactly. Can't wait! 💪