Tastemaker-driven concierge to plan your perfect trip

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Leiti Hsu
@leitihsu · food connector, show host, travel founde
Hello Friends! Experiences > Things. Journy cofounder here... We're running a holiday special to our PH community to empower you to give the gift of amazing travel starting at $15 and up. Write or call me if you'd like to learn more: leiti@gojourny.com 562-519-2707


Susan Ho
@susan_ho · Founder, Journy (gojourny.com)
Hi everyone! I'm Susan, one of the founders of Journy. We created Journy to handle the most important part of your travel — figuring out what to do when you get to your destination. Journy is a personal travel concierge that uses real human expertise. Our recommendations come from hand-picked top chefs and experts. While we liken Journy to having an in-… See more
Owen Williams
@ow · Digital Director at VanMoof
This new service from my friends at Journy is seriously cool. I saw it in action in New York, and was blown away – no more relying on Foursquare or TripIt when you're in town. For $15 a day they take care of everything, getting you a customized itinerary for your trip, and they'll help you in real time once you're there. They have a great network of people w… See more
John Edgar
@jedgar · Building better cities.
Yes! cool to see Journy on PH, used it for a trp for Paris and I was totally blown away by how good the itinerary was, would never have found half the spots without it. Even living in Manhattan it a really simply way to plan a staycation. Super rad travel platform.
Jason Keath ⚡️
@jasonkeath · Founder and CEO, Social Fresh
Big fan of Journy. Makes a trip to any new city so much more worthwhile. We get way more out of the trips we take when we use the trip planning services from Journy. Use it. Share it. You will not regret it.
Sachin Agarwal
@agarwal · Product Manager
My wife and I are traveling around the world and we've been using Journy to help plan a big chunk of our trip. We save a ton of time and we're discovering a bunch of hidden gems we couldn't have found otherwise. We absolutely love the service!