Intelligently automate loan payments

EarnUp is a Forbes Fintech 50 winner offering a consumer-first platform that intelligently automates loan payments and identifies earning opportunities for the 200 million indebted Americans. EarnUp puts a few dollars aside for loans when consumers can afford it — then makes timely payments to help consumers get out of debt faster.

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Communication!!! They are the worst. Wrong amounts deducted. Won't respond. Tried multiple ways to contact and no help. At this point, this seems like a scam.
Very incompetent CSR. They have no idea what they are doing and has screwed up my account since October
Earn Up took over my mortgage accelerator company I have used for years! For years I have NEVER had an issue.... UNTIL EARN UP! Every time I contact customer service I get a different answer. They "say" they have made my January payment, however my lender never received it. The had my account number incorrect! I was told that they could refund my money and then pay my mortgage for this month, which would be great considering I could all of this electronically ... however it is going to take 7 to 10 DAYS for me to get MY money and by that time I will be reported to credit by my lender. When I told them this their answer is "well if you get reported to credit let us know" I FINALLY got them to agree to cancel the check they "sent" to my lender (who sends paper checks anymore?) And they are going to reissue another one. So who knows if my January payment will ever be made. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!
Would never send anyone there way I cancel a payment on the 20th tell me why that same pay I canceled still came out on the 24th after I canceled it I will never recommend this company u fucked my account up now I have to wait 4 fucking days to get my damn money back because of your team member not listening I always get the run around every time I call you guys and I'm sick of it I was with you guys for a long time last year yall couldn't get anything right wtf
I have no idea how these people took over my mortgage accelerator account through my bank 4 months ago being that I had been with a different company for the past 5 years. I had never had any issues with my payments with the other company. I received a notice from my mortgage company saying I was late 2 payments charging me late fees and now wanting to charge a fee to make my 2 payments cause this Earn Up had not made the payments. My bank said they had not made any requests for payments since Nov. 26 therefore my mortgage was not getting paid. I spent 8 hours in total dealing with my bank, Earn up and mortgage company to figure out what was going on. What a waste of time. They were trying to blame the bank that they had returned the request in which the bank never received. It has been soo frustrating. I have no idea why they cancelled the payment request to pay my mortgage. I want nothing to do with this company which I still do not know how they got permission to do my accelerator payments.