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What do people think of Monarch?

The community submitted 34 reviews to tell us what they like about Monarch, what Monarch can do better, and more.
What do you think about Monarch?
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4.6/5All time (12 reviews)
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34 Reviews
Rajiv Ayyangar
CEO at Product Hunt
17 reviews
simple and functional. replaced Mint for me

Pedro Duarte
Product Manager & Community Builder
1 review
Really solid for syncing across all your accounts. Some of the dashboards could be improved but overall a great tool!

Andrew Fiebert
Data and money nerd.
1 review
Top tier budgeting tool.

Alessandro Bucelli
Investor always looking for new products
1 review
Current member and it's an amazing personal finance tool all in one.

Sarosh Saher


3 reviews
Very versatile and all encompassing personal finance software.

David A. Lindahl
web dev | into design & startups
5 reviews
Review of Monarch
As a personal finance enthusiast (aka nut), I've tried literally every single financial app on the market. I've been using Monarch since the beta and its easily my favorite. - The UI is clean and uncluttered (as a UI developer, this is very important to me) - They support multiple platforms like Android, Web, and iOS - They add new, awesome features all the time - They charge you money so they aren't selling your data or cluttering the UI with ads - And much.. much.. more.

Josh Kennedy
Product-Minded Pixel Pusher
2 reviews
Monarch has hit the nail on the head with feature set and market fit. They offer a wide enough range of good tools for us to manage our monthly finances.

Eugene G
Eugene G
Credit Card and Points enthusiast
1 review
improved over last few years

Yasmmin Claudino
1 review
Best app to manage my my financial life

Bernat Fortet Unanue—Co-Founder/Design
12 reviews
Replaced Mint