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I've played with this in the passed, I had a few problems with it: Using (https://www.shopify.co.uk/tools/...) you can find products and get in contact with drop shippers (it then makes you create a shopify account) Great, I thought! Unfortunately, none of the drop shippers got back to me. Secondly, once I was logged in to the system there was no way to use this tool to find other wholesalers (customer support confirmed this for me). I think that has amazing potential but at the moment - it's not quiet there.
@samcambridge I ran into very similar problems over here. Seems like a quick way to get people into a 14-day-trial, without delivering on a potential goldmine of an idea.
Beautiful idea. Similar experience as Sam mentioned above. Once you go to the posted site here on PH, if you scroll down and click where it says, "Have no products to sell, no problem! Try our Wholesale Search." From there, you can search for pretty much anything that Alibaba.com offers, (i.e. 2 wheeled-segways, shoes, coffee mugs, etc). Once you select a product on there, in this case I chose a random coffee mug. You select the mug, and press Contact Wholesalers. That got me thinking, "great! I can flip open a quick little store and mess around." Just in 3 short lines, create an account and give us all of your info and you can go from there. Done. Once you're logged into the home admin page, there's no way to get back to the wholesale page again. After speaking with a Shopify rep for 30 minutes, they mentioned that "they will contact the wholesaler and get back to you." The idea is great, but execution is terrible. Imagine going online to order a book. You select your book, click checkout, give all of your personal information and create an account, and then you hear from customer support, "Someone will get back to you with your book order soon." Say what? It's about to be 2016, not '91. I expected better from Shopify. Save your time and wait until they want to put forth the true effort this deserves.
Wow. I'm impressed this isn't getting more attention. Drop shipping is a highly lucrative business currently, and people are making thousands a day doing it. The amount of subreddits and Facebook Groups dedicated to dropshopping using an online store is maddening, and Shopify just changed everything by integrating it all together.
Awesome idea - Good luck. I'm going to check it out. Might be exactly what I've been looking for.
If someone asks me what eCommerce platform they should use, I usually always recommend Magento. If you want to do dropshipping, you can grab an extension from the marketplace, then have automated processes for orders to flow through to suppliers etc. However, Magento requires a specialist developer for most tasks. So for bootstrapped startups or those wanting to launch a few MVPs with low overhead, this definitely simplifies the process! Having everything (including product sourcing) on a single platform is great. The blog posts linked to from that landing page are really insightful, too. Nice job. (though if you're looking to build a large business from dropshipping, I'd still recommend Magento!)