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Booom! Loyal customers. Less churn. More sales. Your marketers say it works fantastic. Growth hackers are writing this down. Customer service is one of that old, fundamental things that would always pay off. Savvy? Some of our clients ❤️, @hrabouski, @egor_ko and I are happy to answer your questions! @writerpollock thank you for hunting us!
Hi everyone! Nadya from Hidrate here. We’re thankful for our chance to work with the Dream Support team. They are thorough, quick, resourceful, and reliable. The set up was smooth thanks to Veronica and Andrei, who thoroughly studied our tickets and existing processes. They helped us onboard the agents, who quickly got up to speed and are currently providing phenomenal support service. They have also taken the initiative and proposed improvement ideas to our existing support processes. We consider Dream Support a true business partner rather than a transactional service provider. They understand and believe in quality customer support, and we highly recommend them for fast growing companies!
@nadyanguyen thank you for your kind words!
Good luck guys. :)
Congrats Guys!
@ethnoza thank you for supporting Dream Support!!
Would Dream Support be able to handle more technical issues, like web hosting support tickets?
@dereksilva Derek, thank you for question :) Yes, depending on the project it takes 2 to 4 month to train our team members solve "tier 2 tickets". At first our tech geeks will back you up from and after 2-4 month. Then your team becomes knowledgeable enough to handle technical / very “niche” questions
@nikita_matveev That's pretty awesome! I'll definitely keep this in mind as CleverHost grows!