Hack user engagement with Dopamine's Reinforcement API


Matt Mazzeo
@mazzeo · Managing Director, Lowercase Capital
Love what the team at Dopamine is building. They've turned their PhD thesis in neuroscience and informatics into a simple API to help developers better understand how to engage and grow users.
@stephentbiz · Founder & CEO @Flipmass
This is dope.
Brandon Shin
@bshins · Co-founder @ PolymailApp
Awesome API! It totally makes sense that variable reinforcement strategies can and will be optimized! Very very excited to check it out and see a ton of value in the service, in a lot of use cases (Education could be really cool)
Ben Stein
Looks awesome. It would be very cool to see a demo
Harry Stebbings
@harrystebbings · Podcast Host @ The Twenty Minute VC
Cracking hunt here @mazzeo love what they are doing here for des helping to user base!