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Digest by Zapier is the best way to aggregate data. Let Zapier watch your apps and RSS feeds for updates, then send them to you in a set on the schedule you want.

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Hey Product Hunt! Today Zapier is launching a new tool called Digest. Like the name implies, it lets you create custom digests for any web app. Just tell us what to gather, where to drop off your summary, and how often. Zapier handles the rest. Digest helps you stay on top of the things you care about, minus the focus-breaking alerts and notifications. We believe you should get final say over when, where, and how you consume info from your web apps. And that's where Digest comes it handy. It lets you build automatic roundups that are fed by any of Zapier's 750+ integrations, and delivered on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Some examples of digests you could build: - Get a roundup of posts from your favorite blog delivered via email - Post a summary of new survey submissions to a Slack channel - Save daily digests of completed to-dos to an Evernote notebook - Deliver a curated report of your company's social media mentions to a Gmail inbox - Build a report of every WooCommerce sale you made this week You can see more use cases, plus a tutorial on setting up your first digest, here: https://zapier.com/blog/custom-d... We're excited to see what kinds of digests you make, and we hope you like it! P.S. As part of this launch, we also upgraded our RSS integration so you can combine up to 10 feeds into one trigger.
@maguay This is great! Always a fan of the work Zapier is doing :) Congrats!
@maguay This is very cool! Is it possible to build a single digest from multiple sources/integrations? ie: "Get a roundup of posts from your favorite blogs related to productivity delivered via email"
@emilie_hester Hey Emilie! Joe from Zapier, just jumping in for Matt here. That is possible! To do that, you'll want to set up multiple Zaps, each one with a different source. Then, when you add the Digest step, use the same name in the "Title" field for each one. This will feed everything into one summary. For blog posts specifically: Our RSS app supports up to 10 feeds in a single Zap (you could do more by creating multiple Zaps). You can even filter on a word like "productivity" using a filter step—so only blog posts containing the word "productivity" would be added to your digest. Hope that helps!
As a member of the Zapier team, I couldn't wait for the day to see Digest out in the wild. Here are some ways we've already been taking advantage of Digest: - Collect tasks completed during the week via moved Trello cards (from an "in progress" to a "done" list), then post a weekly summary to Slack - Pull together the marketing team's individual "Friday Updates" (published to our internal blog to share what we've been up to) and post them to Slack, making it easy to read through them - Auto-create newsletters by grabbing new app reviews published during the week and inserting them into an HTML template - Collect new posts from a favorite sports blog and get a Slack message with a rundown of the content at the end of the work day - Compile new notes added to our CRM and post to Slack weekly to make it easy for team members to catch up on activity - Assemble starred Pocket items from the week and share in a #link-love Slack channel every Friday If you've given Digest a try, we'd love to hear how you're using it!
@maguay, is it possible to set up Zapier digest so like this: Mail me an digest of any reddit top/hot post over a certain "upvote" threshold in a specified subreddit? If this works, i'm sold. Been looking for a feature like that since I discovered IFTTT digests.
@kevinohlsson @maguay you can get close, Kevin! There's a trigger for new top/hot post in a Sub Reddit which triggers when a post is in the top 10: https://zapier.com/zapbook/reddit/ You could combine that with a filter step to only trigger if that post has more than a certain number of upvotes at that time: https://zapier.com/zapbook/filter/ Think that would do the trick?
@wadefoster @maguay I'd LOVE to try it! BUT multisteps are not available for basic members, right ?
@kevinohlsson @maguay Multi-Step is available to people on the Basic plan, but not the free plan.
@wadefoster @maguay I'm on the free plan, is it possible to extend trials 🤓 ?
@kevinohlsson @maguay yep! ping us at contact@zapier.com and we can give you some bonus time. :D
Awesome! Zapier is rocking (again) with this new automatic tool called Digest!! :D Good job guys
You got my vote! This update is pretty sweet :)