Designed by Apple in California

A book chronicling 20 years of Apple design, made by Apple

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"And we're calling it, a book."
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@sisedi πŸ˜‚ I just pictured Steve Jobs saying that on stage
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@joshmuccio @sisedi You're reading it wrong?
@sisedi - It reminds me of the IKEA bookbookβ„’ :)
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Eh. I'll wait for the Designed by Apple in California Plus.
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@nooniebetras I've heard next year there will be an S version too
@fiessedouard Any leaks of the specs?
@ajfg_13 I've heard they're talking about edge to edge images
@fiessedouard maybe a lifelong battery that doesn't explode? It better have the true tone display of the iPad pro.
i bet for retina paper you have to buy the bigger one 😏
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An infinite battery life Apple product ? O_O
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I want some of what Apple is smoking over there πŸ™„
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