Data Warehouses by Segment

All your analytics in a Redshift or Postgres DW in minutes

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Amazing work from the Segment team - congrats to @ianstormtaylor et al I've personally been waiting for this for a long time, finally we get Segment SQL at a cheaper monthly price. If you have ever needed to answer difficult data questions about your business, chances are you need this so you can connect something like Chartio, Looker, Mode or Periscope as a BI tool. Other alternatives I've seen are: RJMetrics' Pipeline Snowplow (free and open source)
Segment is giving Marketers access to their own data, at an affordable price, and that is what's really awesome. Congrats to @n2parko for making this feature! Now that running a data warehouse is cheap (hello S3), and writing data to it is affordable (Segment Warehouses), how is that going to impact the rest of the market, the tools creating value on SQL databases? I'm thinking the Chartio, Looker, Bime, Periscope and others who all have entry pricing way above $1,000 per month.
Congratulations to the Segment team. We're stoked to see this go live!
It is really awesome that this feature is now available for smaller companies at a lower price. With BI&data visualization tools under $1000 like Klipfolio , Slemma or Grow, this can break the BI market for SMBs!
This is a fantastic idea/product. We've been looking at the RedShift integration before but were put off by the 4 hour delay. @ianstormtaylor is there a fixed delay with this product as well or is the data written continuously to Redshift or Postgres?