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Awesome ! but.. this is what engineer are doing at google when they don't have any project ? lol
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@nitin_muthyala well, that and they also check the stock price....
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@nitin_muthyala Good question. I've personally met the lead designers from Google and yes, if a team feels like picking up an idea during or after a huge project to free their mind; they indulge themselves in building product they want. Fun-work to be able to get paid to build what you like while making a small change. Am I right or am i right? ;)
@nitin_muthyala Like a lot of companies now days Google developers are allowed a certain number of hours per month to spend on pet projects. This allows developers to innovate in ways that aren't possible when they have to do feasibility studies to prove a project has a need, solves a real problem and has a ROI.
Link is bad, but this one works: https://datagifmaker.withgoogle....
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I have been trying too hard... ...to understand what this could be useful for. Still trying.
@aichholzer IMHO finding ways to make data easier to understand and funnier to look at is quite important :)
@adrien_viault isn't that a matter of perspective?
@aichholzer Email marketing or indeed, any kind of digital marketing would be a great use case!
@aichholzer Just a try... maybe it could be useful to record on a gif the evolution of some real time dashboard data. Like recording the evolution over time of the number of connections to a website for 2 different browsers. You select your two dataseries and record/stop. The output is a gif you can present instead of a table.
I can see this being very popular in news stories in the future. Cannot get the things to render when I've tested it, but I can definitely see its promise.
Great stuff !! Is there any walk through video? 😊
@ayush_chandra Looking for the same. Let me know if you find one?