Data GIF Maker by Google

Google's new tool turns boring data into GIFs!

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Nitin Muthyala
@nitin_muthyala · iOS. Android. Engineer
Awesome ! but.. this is what engineer are doing at google when they don't have any project ? lol
Taylor Banks
Link is bad, but this one works: https://datagifmaker.withgoogle....
Stefan Aichholzer
@aichholzer · Software adventurer & epilogue writer.
I have been trying too hard... ...to understand what this could be useful for. Still trying.
James Welch
@jwelch · CEO @ innovationcompany.co.uk
I can see this being very popular in news stories in the future. Cannot get the things to render when I've tested it, but I can definitely see its promise.
Ayush Chandra
@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great stuff !! Is there any walk through video? 😊