Dark Noise

Powerful way to play ambient noise to help you sleep

Dark Noise is a simple yet powerful way to play ambient noise to help you sleep, focus, or relax. Features over 30 sounds and is loaded with customization options including Airplay, a Today Extension Widget, and Siri Shortcuts support!
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Julian SchiavoiOS Developer and WWDC Scholar
I've been beta testing Dark Noise for a while, and I love it; it's got a nice, clean interface without unnecessary distractions and has tons of different noise options including trains and rainstorms. It'd be cool to have a race car sound, but apart from that, it's absolutely great overall!
This is a great app from a first time indie dev. If you need a noise app at all this is the one for you.
Soneé JohnFounder, AlphaSoft
Clean.Simple ambient noise app. My favorite sound is "under water". You should try it, so peaceful.
Rahul SharmaiOS Developer
This is great!
Lisa Dziuba
FlawlessApp.io Founder
I like it. It helps me to concentrate better.
Nicolas CurtiEntrepreneur
Tried to download it, but 4 USD for an ambient sound app is quite a bit. However from what I saw it looks really comfy design wise. Keep on the good work!
So, my concern is, does it draw a lot of electricity? Because as it is, my phone's charge holds up great when I'm not using it, but runs out in like two hours when facebook is running.
Charlie Chapman
Indie app developer building Dark Noise
@mooooorrisjjj It definitely shouldn't drain the battery like Facebook does, but it is playing audio which would drain your battery some. All of the sounds are on device though, and I'm using the native API's so it's about as battery efficient as it can be (plus if you're using the black theme on one of the OLED screen devices that will help some too)
wow! Perfect
Regina GerbeauxOperations at On Deck
Just purchased! I like Underwater. It’s soothing and surprisingly doesn’t cause claustrophobia.