COVID-19 app on Integromat

Build a workflow with real-time COVID-19 data

Integromat’s free COVID-19 app helps individuals build and automate their workflows with real-time COVID-19 data. The app pulls data about a country’s cases, recoveries, deaths, and more and sends it to any other app or device with ease.
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Hey PH, In an effort to help with the COVID-19 pandemic, we created an app that pulls COVID-19 data from Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering to then be integrated into new and pressing online projects/workflows using Integromat’s no-code integration builder. The COVID-19 app gets data about a country’s: - Cases - Recovered - Deaths - Growth rates - And more The app can be used in advanced workflows like prepping inventory based on COVID-19 daily numbers and automatically assigning couriers in order to provide essential items to sick individuals. We’d love to hear your feedback and answer any questions! Take care and stay safe.
Hello everyone, I’m one of the developers of the COVID-19 app on Integromat. I would love to hear your thoughts so far! :)
This is a great resource! I used it for daily notifications on my phone. Helpful and easy to use. Cheers.
@tomas_mastercard That's a great use case, thanks for sharing! Are you keeping track of specific countries?
Great feature!
@lucianochatbot Thanks Luciano! Hope you are doing well. Take care!
Huge fan of Integromat ! Will definitely use this module to feed some info into me Glide apps! Congrats guys!
@jesus_vargas Thanks Jesus!