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When I started writing technical books a couple years ago I learned that email marketing was amazingly successful for making sales. Unfortunately the tactics that worked best (drip email courses, sample chapter giveaways, etc) were hard to do in MailChimp, Aweber, and the other big-name tools. So I built my own. ConvertKit's been key to helping me hit $500k in ebook sales and I used it to build an email list of 25k subscribers. Now I'm focusing on building the tools authors need to build their own audiences and sell more books. Happy to answer any questions!
@nathanbarry Would love to integrate Fedora (@usefedora) with ConvertKit - do you guys have an API?
@ankurnagpal Yes! We actually are talking to a few of your customers about using ConvertKit for their email. Can you send me an email? nathan@convertkit.com
@nathanbarry Hey Nathan, it's cool to see ConvertKit on PH. What type of folks are using ConvertKit? I think @mijustin switched his newsletter over. Who else is using it?
@robjama A bunch of cool people. Here are a few: Paul Solt: https://www.kickstarter.com/proj... Ryan Neufeld: http://www.rkn.io/application-ar... Ryan Castillo: http://ryancastillo.org/recurrin... Dennis Field: http://www.iamdennisfield.com/ Patrick McKenzie: http://kalzumeus.com
ConvertKit is awesome. I've seen first-hand authors who have switched over and seen significant increases in total sales, conversion rates, and size of their audience.
Always pleased to see products from friends on PH! Great job on this app, as per usual with anything Nathan does.
This almost makes me want to write another book. :) @acroll should take a look at this. He is writing a new book (we're co-authors of Lean Analytics) and I think this would be perfect for him.
Hey @byosko, good to hear from you! You can always implement some marketing systems for existing books. cc: @acroll
@nathanbarry @acroll Very true, although I'm not sure how much more marketing we'll put into Lean Analytics itself. But fundamentally ConvertKit is where the book publishing space has to go (in fact, I wrote a "spec" about something quite similar awhile ago thinking about new startup ideas). So congrats for getting it out there.
@nathanbarry diggin the new logo