Content Snare

Collect content and information from clients

#2 Product of the DayAugust 10, 2017

Content Snare helps businesses gather content, info and documents from their clients. It ensures content is in the right format, in one place and does all the following up automatically.

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Congrats on executing a great idea that solves a huuuuge problem for web devs. Looking forward to seeing how this develops.
@casmccullough thanks Cas. Same goes for Writally
This one is a great and well executed idea. I love the simple onboarding design. Do you plan on adding multi-language support for agencies that have international clients? If you need help localizing the app into German, let me know! :) It would also be nice to see a preview of the request before it is published & sent. Anyways, congrats on a great product! πŸŽ‰ PS: After clicking through the app a bit I noticed that it lags sometimes (I'm running on Chrome 64-bit Version 60.0.3112.90) hope that helps.
@itsdavelux Thanks so much for that feedback David. It means a LOT because we've been trying pretty hard to make it easy to get started - it was a friction point at the start. Internationalisation is definitely on our list. We've already got some people writing their own email templates in other languages - but some parts of the UI are still English. Great idea on the preview. You can kind of achieve that by setting the client to 'internal', checking it out yourself and then changing to external, but I get that's hacky. We're working hard on speeding functions up - there's a couple of things that slow it down at the moment that we're aware of. Thanks for the heads up
I second @itsdavelux! Perfectly executed idea , congrats on he hunt @_jimmyrose! I think it really hits a nail on the head and will make chasing clients a lot easier for lots and lots of web-developers out there. Really loved the design and simplicity too. πŸ‘ P.S.: I think internationalization could be a really good idea as this is something that can bring a ton of value to web-designers from all other the world with international customers. If you decide to give it a go, shoot me a message and I'll be happy to help you with Russian or other languages πŸ™‚
@itsdavelux @dkornyukhov Thanks Dmitry! On all counts
I was talking to a friend recently about one of these "Make Money with Web Design" groups on Facebook and how it started out well, but then the guy who created it is now trying to monetise the group by selling an ecourse to all the noobs there. "Why doesn't he just give the info away for free, and create a product that services the community?", I asked. "Oh, you should check out this OTHER group that @_jimmyrose runs", she replied, "Not only are the people in there generally pretty savvy, but he's actually just launched this app called Content Snare that helps web designers get content from their customers" Great job James! This solves a problem that dates back to when I launched my first web dev company in highschool (circa 1999). It's SO hard to get content from customers sometimes!
@rossdcurrie *scurries away to create ecourse* But seriously... wow, that is cool Ross. LOVE hearing stuff like that.
This solves such a massive problem!
Thanks for the hunt Kim! Any questions/comments/love or hatemail hit me in the comments :D
@_jimmyrose on a scale from one to now. how quickly will you make the absolute essential integration of beaver builder. pleaseeee
@branden_tolle haha! It's definitely on the list, along with approximately 1,000,000 other feature requests and fixes. Seriously though, at the current rate it's probably a year away. But we'll ramp up development as more people take up the product